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V.I.E.T is a 501c3 tax exempt Donations are tax deductible

V.I.E.T là một tổ chức vô vị lợi 501c3, được chỉ định bởi IRS. V.I.E.T đã được thành lập trên 18 năm để cung cấp các dịch vụ xã hội và kinh doanh cho cộng đồng miễn phí.

V.I.E.T cần sự giúp đỡ tài chánh của quy vị để tiếp tục phục vụ cộng đồng. Các yểm trợ được trừ thuế. Xin gửi ngân phiếu ủng hộ tới văn phòng V.I.E.T.


VIET secured a 30 year lease with the Archdiocese of New Orleans & Mary Queen of Vietnam in 2012 to help rebuild a blighted property and transform the area into a viable community center for over 86,000 residents in Eastern New Orleans.

Your financial support will help  with the maintenance and improvement of the following areas: 

  • Repair gutters on two buildings 
  • Repair Cover to entrance of main office building
  • Replace  A/C unit for the community center
  • Improvement on fencing around the 8 acres of land
  • Beautification of the property

Please contribute to this project! You can mail your contribution to:
VIET c/o Renovation,
13435 Granville Street
New  Orleans, LA 70129.  

For more information, please contact Ms. Lang at 


Our vision is to create an outdoor learning environment for school aged children to have access to learning about natural resources, plants and environment.  Funds will be use to clean up the area and transform it into an outdoor Science Classroom.  If you would like to make this a reality for children, please contact Ms. Lang at