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Small Business Technical Assistance

Cơ Quan Hướng Dẫn và Đào Tạo Doanh Nghiệp

13435 Granville Street, New Orleans LA 70129

Phone (504) 255-0400 / Fax (504) 255-255-0490

    Small and Emerging Business Development Program -SEBD

  With a commitment to ongoing, sustainable economic and human development, the purpose of LED’s SEBD program helps Louisiana’s small businesses help themselves by providing managerial and technical assistance training needed to grow and sustain a small business.


The program is open to all Louisiana small businesses that meet the eligibility requirements for both the business and the owner.  Certification is effective for up to 10 years or until the firm no longer meets the eligibility requirements for the program.


Once a small business is SEBD certified, assistance funds are available for small businesses in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurial training                *  Marketing and design

  • Legal assistance                             * Computer skills

  • Web development training             * Accounting resources             

  • Managerial and technical training            


  1. Complete the initial application at www.ledsmallbiz.com

  2. LED reviews the online application         

  3. Certification status is emailed to applicant

  4. Contact an intermediary for an assessment

  5. Receive assistance as identified in the assessment

The VIET business TA team is ready to assist you with the application process.  For more information and assistance with certification and assessment of your business needs, contact the following person at: 

Lang Le (504) 575-9620 or langle@vietno.org; Cyndi Nguyen (504) 415-4905  or Cyndi@vietno.org; Diana Hong Nguyen (504) 444-4887 or diannahng4@gmail.com;

Eileen Carter (504) 400-7127 ecarter5201@gmail.com

Upcoming VIET Business SEBD Training Workshops

Sunday, November 13 – at St. Joseph Church Algiers from 11AM- 12PM

Sunday, November 20 – at Mary Queen of Vietnam church from 11AM – 12PM

Sunday, November 27 – at Mary Assumption Church, Avondale from 11AM – 12PM


Email: info@vietno.org or call 504-575-9620 or 504-255-0400 to Register! or LED website at www.OpportunityLouisiana.com/SEDB.