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VIET was created in 2001 to develop educational and economic training programs and act as a resource center for minority residents in Louisiana.  VIET helps to mainstream non-English speaking communities into the American society and to bridge the gap as it relates to culutral and language barriers.


Our vision:

  • Healthy and Productive Community

  • Equal Access to Services

  • Strong Academic Environment for Our Children

  • Community Engagement & Involvement

  • Strong Financially Stable Families

  • Violence-Free Environment


Lang Le

Program Director

Violence Prevention Program


Bachelor Degree in Business Adminsitration & Accounting


Email:  langle@viietno.org


Tran Bao Tran
Program Staff

Sister Maryann Hoàng

Program Staff

Ashly Nguyen
Program Staff
Pam Carrie
Program Staff
Crystal Berry
Program Staff